Cricut Explore®

Cricut Explore One

Silhouette Cameo®

Silhouette Cameo

Experts at the third-party, independent Percept Labs took 3 of each machine, the blades, mats and accessories available for each, and 8 common crafting materials to test. The results are clear: the Cricut Explore machine cuts more materials more precisely.


Cricut Explore® Cuts Popular Crafting Materials

In testing, the Silhouette Cameo was only able to cut 1 of 8 popular crafting materials such as leather, chipboard, aluminum, and magnet sheets. The Cricut Explore machine cut nearly 100% of the tested materials

Inconsistent Circles

Silhouette Cameo® Cuts Inconsistent Circles

While the Cricut Explore machine completed circle cuts in 100% of tests, the Silhouette Cameo left circle cuts incomplete 50% of the time.

Cut with precision

Cricut Explore: More Materials, More Precisely

It's proven: the Cricut Explore personal electronic cutting machine outperforms the Silhouette Cameo. Cut with confidence.


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